Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Stinks

I'm not really looking forward to January. When I think of January I think of icky weather, no sparkly decor, and being bombarded with weight loss commercials. NO fun.

I have thought of some New Year's resolutions. Sorry, they're all predictable and not very exciting. The first one is to get organized. I have faced the hard truth, I'm not organized. I've been in denial for years. I've been in denial up until last week in fact. My personal belongings are a mess, there I said it. I promise to accept the help of my husband whose belongings are all annoyingly tidy.

A friend of mine taught a class recently on this very subject. She pointed out that when you move into a new home things get shoved into cabinets with little thought other than getting unpacked. This explains why some of my kitchen cabinets are slam packed and another barely used. So the kitchen cabinets are on "The List".

The spaces underneath all of the sinks also made it onto "The List"

and my closet, What is all that on the floor?! I'm not sure yet. I make my child clean up when her closet floor looks this bad. What a hypocrite I am.

and the biggest problem of all...the laundry room. I really want this room to be welcoming as we enter and exit our home through it. I have seen some really great laundry rooms on other people's blogs, so it is doable. Or maybe these people are aliens.

More on my resolutions later.

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