Friday, January 22, 2010

Charm Bracelet Party

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Saucy's Sprinkles and loved her charm party idea. I decided right then and there to invite some friends over for a Valentine charm party. Literally, I emailed an invitation immediately. I didn't really think it through until two days before the party. The realization hit me that I don't have 15 chairs or a kitchen table big enough for all my friends. Luckily, we own a large cafeteria table and my dad hooked me up with some chairs from the office. It all worked out in the end!
I made 4 different charms to share and managed to "Dremel" a perfect hole into the kitchen table. I really need a craft space.

I provided the bracelets and my friends brought charms to exchange. It was so fun and everyone went home with a darling charm bracelet. I plan on doing this quite a few more times. In anticipation for Christmas I've already purchased quite a selection of cute things that can be made into charms! Oh I just love charms!

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