Thursday, January 14, 2010


Have you seen this show on A&E!!! If you haven't, it's about different individuals who hoard to the point where their homes are no longer livable. I'm glad that I've seen the show because it has motivated me to get rid of some of of my own clutter. I see these people doing the same thought process that I do when I rationalize why I have to keep something that I haven't used in years.

One of my biggest projects is now done, my Christmas stuff. I donated 6 boxes worth of stuff. It was painful for a second. I was thinking "this is good stuff, I might use this some day, I could sell it". But the bottom line is I don't use it and I'm tired of storing it. I'd rather have an organized and clean space. I went through every box and sorted how I use it. For example, all the outside decor is now sorted into their own boxes and labeled. Next season when it's time to do the outside of the house I can just pull those boxes down instead having to bring it all down then go through pulling out what I need.

I'm so happy that it's done and next Christmas season everything will be so easy to put up. Now I'm onto another organizing project...

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  1. Isn't that the nicest feeling to have everything all neat and tidy? I usually purge decorations and such every few years. I agree that hoarders show is creepy crazy...I know i won't end up like that.