Monday, June 15, 2009

More Thrifting

My daughter just happens to have swim lessons across the street from a Salvation Army store. I'm forever hopeful that I'll run across something wonderful. I did find a few items this morning. A long pair of hot pink beads, I will use these as garland on Katherine's white Christmas tree. An old Boggle game for $.50. I'm collecting items with the alphabet so we can practice spelling and reading. I'll use this glass candy dish to hold the letters. I also snagged an old mayo jar with the lid. One of my favorite sites, Magpie Ethel has an inspirational picture of how she uses her old jars to corral all of her crafting knick-knacks. Magazines from the months of October and December are my favorites to read and snag decorating ideas from. The adorable table cloth is my mother's. I've yet to find any vintage item that wonderful.Good news on the exercise front. I was able to do the jumping jacks today, things are looking up. 26 more days to go.

1 comment:

  1. I always check out that stinky thirft store too. I didn't realize you were such a thrifter. I am so excited to find someone who loves it as much as me. You can't beat the thrill of a good find!!