Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Altered Clothes

I've been fascinated for some time with the idea of altering an unloved clothing item into something useful. If you recall I purchased two adult sweaters with the intention of making a dress for my daughter. I spent an entire afternoon struggling with this sweater and gave up when it reached this point. The idea was good but the execution was full of flaws. Katherine was tired of repeatedly putting this garment on. The "dress" turned out too tight and the sleeve too long and poorly sewn. But onto another more successful project. I purchased a pair of denim Capri's for a quarter but they had a hole in them. Looking through my sewing box I ran across some patches I already had. It took 5 minutes to iron on these cuties and Wallah!
My next project was the cashmere blend sweater turned into leg warmers. I just love leg warmers but alas I am too old to wear them so Katherine must. This project takes no skill. I lopped the arms off with scissors and enticed my little model to step into them by telling her she looked like a fruit bat in all black.
I'm quite disappointed with my utter lack of skill and creativity in these projects. I think I'm done with the whole "altering, recycling" thing.

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