Sunday, June 14, 2009

America's Thrift Store

This past Saturday we visited this thrift store an hour's drive away that I've heard about. My mom and husband came along, they're so sweet to do so as they really don't enjoy thrifting. It was very busy and full of interesting characters. We witnessed a man pick up a musical recorder right off the shelf, put it into his mouth and give it a few noisy blows.
I was feeling disappointed after going down a few rows and not finding a single treasure until I came across this adorable metal egg basket ($1.33). I don't know what I'll do with it but something will come up.

Katherine found a bag full of knights and dragons but no princesses, ($1.33). And picked up a lone dinosaur off the floor that the cashier threw in for free. Katherine cannot go anywhere without picking up "treasures" from floors and parking lots. Trips to Michael's Craft Store and hardware stores are the worst. I've yet to come across a cashier who will tell her no.

My next finds were in the clothes. I've been looking for the perfect ladies sweater to alter into a dress for Katherine. I found two, ($3.88)! There were a few cute things in her size that Mom and I picked up, a twin set, and an adorable stripey hoodie. We also snagged two jean jackets. I just love jean jackets. I didn't pay more than $4 for each piece.Overall our trip was a success. Chuck picked up a barely used softball glove to play with Katherine,($14.88). I didn't think it was a bargain but he didn't care. Mom only purchased a cold drink after we had left the store and she'd washed her hands. But I'd like to go again!
If you're wondering if I did my workout today the answer is yes. But I did not do the jumping jacks as my calves felt like they would snap if I jumped up and down. Only 27 more times to go!


  1. I want to go! We will have to plan a trip! So, I take it that you aren't going to Zumba this week (just kidding)!

  2. I have been there and LOVE it!!! I always find exciting things. You just have to take your time and roam all the isles. I am good at loitering in isles. I will totally go with you again if you are up for it!!