Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

I had a successful morning at yard sales last weekend. My yard sale buddy called in sick so I went alone. But I found quite a bit of interesting things! The most memorable was a huge iron birdcage for$5. I was tempted to put it the yard with some climbing vines but it was simply too enormous. My kids would have loved getting in and out of it but I didn't think about that until hours later.
Here's a rundown of what I came home with:
Plant stand (hidden behind the wreath)
Blue lamp with hideous shade (the shade is now in the trash)
Outside flag
Nice plastic child size hangers (I always run out around consignment time)
2 t-shirts, a pair of pj's, and a hoodie for Katherine
Some cheap jewelry (to rip apart and make something fantastic)
Two pumpkins, one mercury glass the other cardboard
A beautiful blue berry wreath (it was only $2!)
2 children's books
A large mirror (yes another mirror, but really, this one was on my list)
A basket full of small toys (for a project coming up)

All for a grand total of $28.00. I am pleased.

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