Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was in May of 2003. My in-laws lived close to Sanibel Island Florida at the time, so we had a photo session there. The pics turned out to be some of my all time favorite photos.

Here is me telling Chuck to "suck it up" for a few more minutes after he tells me things are biting him. In my zeal to get some good photos I didn't bother to look at his legs until we were done. They were in a black cloud of biting flies. He really is a trooper. I would have been pitching a fit.
Notice my father in-law in the back packing up, everyone was concerned but me. I can be such a Queen Bee sometimes. And why is it there always a photo to prove it?!

Oh how I love these two brown eyed cuties.

I can't have a Mother's Day post without my Charlie or my wonderful mother. Here they are together in Navarre Beach Florida last weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

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