Monday, May 10, 2010

Iron Man 2

My parents volunteered at the last minute to babysit while we see a movie this weekend. Fun! We loved the first Iron Man and of course had to see the next one. I'm thankful it wasn't in 3D. Some of the previews I was excited about turned out to be in 3D. That angers me.

Back to the movie, I thought Mickey Rourke who plays one of the bad guys was awesome. His career is back on for sure! I've already forgotten all that unfortunate plastic surgery business.

Sam Rockwell was also great in his bad guy part. He's one of those actors you've seen before but cannot remember where. Not anymore!

Of course Robert Downey was his usual goodness and Gwyneth. Scarlett was beautiful but her acting was a bit flat.

Overall the movie was entertaining and funny. I loved it.

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