Monday, May 31, 2010

Soloman Snow

I lucked up last week at the library when I picked this book up, "Soloman Snow and the Silver Spoon" by Kaye Umansky. I had both kids with me so it was a "grab what looks good and go" trip. Our library kindly puts the new young adult books on nice little stands with the covers facing out on a shelf, so convenient! However, I'm sure they don't find my snatching them all up convenient.

I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. The story begins in a small village where our hero lives with what he believes are his real parents. A chapter or two later he finds out otherwise and is off on an adventure to find out who he is. Of course he meets up with several characters who join him. My favorite is little Rosabella also known as "The Prodigy". Rosabella is a terribly spoiled child with awesome skills in manipulation. She also has the most adorable speech impediment, she can't pronounce her "R's". This book would be such a good read aloud.

Found on the back of the book is a quote from the author;
"A while ago, I went on a reread Charles Dickens' binge. Inspired, I cried, "I can do that!" I couldn't. What came out was Soloman Snow."
After returning this book, the librarian asked if I knew about the second in the series. Oh what joy! To find that there was another and it was available for checkout. Also surprising was the accommodating librarian. My mother and I have often discussed how cantankorous they are in general.

If you enjoyed the kind of humor found in "The Series of Unfortunate Events" you will enjoy these two books as well. I found them quite funny!

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