Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend Finds

Good sales were hard to come by Saturday.  We went to probably a dozen but left most of them empty handed.  But I am happy with what I came home with.  One of the first sales had loads of women's clothing that I thought were in good taste but overpriced.  I decided to come back to the sale later in the morning and ask for a deal.  It was accepted! I paid $1 per top.  All of them are winter items that most people had a hard time contemplating buying as it was very hot and muggy by 7 that morning.  Lucky for me I have a good imagination!
I also bought several easy to read books and three pairs of cute shoes for Katherine.  Charlie got an adorable dress shirt, and the little purse was .50 for all my weight watcher materials.
I managed to come home with no new projects.  Which is good because I haven't worked on anything for a while.  I have a lamp with no shade, another lamp that's currently useless, and two picture frames that need photos. 

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