Monday, June 14, 2010

An Experiment and It's Results

I was trying to lessen the total cost of my grocery bill and decided to write a few emails to the companies of my favorite products.  I wrote to Garnier, Sally Hansen, and Glide amongst others.  In the email I stated what product of theirs we use and why we like it.  I also requested coupons in some cases.  I did of course have to leave my personal information.

The results are a mixed bag.  Several companies wrote back thanking me but only 1 sent me coupons. 
Sally Hansen sent a total of $8 off several of their brands!  That was awesome.
Glide pointed out that the Sunday paper has coupons.  REALLY?! 
Garnier loved "my kind words" and will share my email at their next meeting.

Overall I would consider this experiment a failure as I didn't really lessen my grocery bill.  Yes, the coupons I did receive are awesome but I don't normally spend money each week on nail products.  Perhaps you will try to write to your favorite brands and get better results.

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