Sunday, June 27, 2010

Saturday's Bargains

It was another balmy Saturday for yard sales.  There were lots of sales but not a whole lot that we were interested in buying.  Ginger was given a "free gift" after her purchases at one of the sales, it was a car deodorizer.  That was weird.  
We hit sale after sale without buying a whole lot, our disappointment was escalating and time was running out.  Our last sale of the day finally gave us our "fix".  It was close to noon and the ladies running the sale really wanted to get rid of stuff.  Great!  We were given a plastic bag to stuff whatever into for $5.  I stuffed mine with 17 clothing items for Katherine, that's .30 a piece!  They also had some interesting magazines.  I'm not sure how many items Ginger managed to fit in her bag, maybe she'll leave us a comment.
Here's my treasures:

small clock   3.00
Christmas garland   free!
Christmas ball   .50
lamp shade  .50
metal urn   .50
magazines  .50
clothing   5.00
$10.00 total

1 comment:

  1. Hmm...I think i got about 12 pieces into my bag. They were boys clothes size 14...took up lots of room! My favorite score there was the mirror though :)

    And let's not forget the "authentic noah's arc picture"
    With only one door and one window, just as the bible said.