Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Weekly Master

Every week I make a "master list".  By the end of the week it looks like this:

The first side is my grocery list.  I make it according to how items are found in the grocery store.  This prevents having to go back to an isle I've already passed. 

If you shop with children in tow you already know that any added time in the grocery store is expensive and can potentially end LOUDly.  I mapped out everything in the store and keep it in my coupon book for reference.  I also write next to an item a "c" for any coupons.  That way I know what brand and how much of an item I need.

I also put at the bottom corner of this side what recipes I plan on making that week.  In the past, we were throwing out food because I had forgotten what recipes I had prepared for.  Next to the recipes are how many Weight Watcher's points each is along with what book I can find the recipe.  This square gets torn off and put on the fridge for the week.

The other side of the "Master List" has things I need or would like to accomplish by the end of the week.  I enjoy crossing these things off.  If they don't get crossed off they are added to the following week, I don't enjoy that.

Lastly, I fold the list in half and use it to store my coupons for the week. 

This list is a result of many trial and errors in my adventure as a wife and mom I hope it will help someone on their own adventures!

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