Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Pretty Cruddy Week

Will you indulge me and let me whine for a moment?  This has been a week I don't wish to repeat.

Sunday- Chuck discovered our A/C had a clog which caused water to back up and soak the carpet in two closets.  Spent the next few days cleaning up and listening to loud fans and a dehumidifier.

Monday-Got all packed up with sunscreen on for an afternoon at the Y just in time for a thunderstorm.  We were asked to leave.

Tuesday- Katherine came home with a package containing her new Taekwondo uniform AND mouse poop.

Wednesday- I can't remember Wednesday.  That can't be good.

Thursday- Made the mistake of wearing a white t-shirt whilst eating next to my 19 month old at the pizza place.  My day ended wearing the crayon/pizza stained t-shirt with a visit to a public restroom with no toilet paper.

Nothing horrible just a bunch of little things that add up to me being "in a mood".  I just found this pic of my mother laughing, I feel better.  She always makes me laugh.

1 comment:

  1. I hope they didn't charge you for the mouse poop in your uniform bag.