Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swap Party

I read about how to do a Swap Party in the Good Housekeeping January 2010 issue. It sounded like great fun! I knew my friends would be game. The invitations suggested were made from manila tags with added scrapbook paper and ribbon. I already had all I needed to make the cute invites, it was meant to be. They turned out cute!

Here's how the swap party works:
The invitation explains that each guest bring up to 10 items (handbags, accessories, drinking glasses, books, dishes etc.) just about anything to swap.

When your guests arrive they receive the same number of clothes pins as items they brought.

The clothes pins have their name or initial on them.

Each item is then tagged with a manila tag. The tagged items are placed with like items together.

The guests then shop by placing their clothespins on the tags of the items they're interested in.

After everyone has shopped, bag all the items with only one clothes pin. I used brown paper bags labeled with each guests name on it. This worked well.

If an item has more than 1 clothespin then a drawing takes place to determine who wins the item. The losing pins are given back to the guests so they can select a different item.

The items that are left over from the party can be donated.

Below is my stash from the party!

This party worked surprisingly well! I had a great time and will definitely do it again!

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