Thursday, July 29, 2010

Same Dress Tuesdays

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much lately.  It is due to my on going quest for weight loss.  I joined Weight Watcher's several weeks ago and have immersed myself into counting points, edamame, fiber, water, and walking.  Not very exciting to read about and all very time consuming.
I go to my Weight Watcher's meeting each week in the same dress so I can get an accurate reading on the scale.  What's funny is I don't care for this dress as it's not particularly flattering.  I picked it because it was the lightest item in my closet.  I feel weird wearing the same thing week after week so I try to change it up a bit, but really who am I kidding.
Our leader shared a story about a woman who lost 80 pounds but stubbornly wore the same striped shirt and khaki pant each week.  In fact she ran into this woman at a church event but didn't recognize her out of her striped weight watcher uniform.  I haven't made up my mind if this story is inspirational or not.
Here are some photos of the past few weeks. 
Am I really this busty?!  They look bigger than my head.

Uhhmmm, not really loving this look as it makes me look enormous.

You may catch me after these meetings at Hobby Lobby or Publix with my dear friend Cyndi who courageously attends wearing whatever she wants. 

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  1. Good luck with WW. My mom has had great success and lost 50 pounds and has my dad going on it as well. She walks EVERYDAY and it has been great for her. I love that you wear the same dress...and the striped shirt/khaki story is so funny...never thought about wearing the same outfit!