Friday, February 19, 2010

Consignment Deals

I shopped 2 consignment sales this past week and am pleased with my bargains! I spent a total of $250. That sounds like a lot but I came home with a lot, including swimsuits, pj's, shoes, and church clothes for both kids. I just love these sales. I plan on spending a little more on the next upcoming sales.

I consign what we don't need and I'm super cheap throughout the year. I put my nose up at regular prices and usually haunt the Target clearance racks for 75% off items.
What did we do before these sales existed?!

Here's a tip for shopping consignment sales. Try to buy a complete outfit ( a top and a bottom). Usually I buy whatever I like and then get home to find that we have nothing to match. That means having to buy something at regular price or the item never gets worn. I had to go out of my way to find some stretch pants for Katherine to wear under two adorable skirts. Her school requires something to be worn under skirts and dresses, this is annoying but understandable. I think the pants add some interest in the total look, I did well!

Here's an itemized list of what $250 got me:
7 dresses
23 complete outfits
3 tops
3 swim suits
2 swim suit cover-ups
3 pairs of jeans
4 pairs of shorts
3 sets of overalls
2 pairs of stretch pants
1 pair of pajamas
3 pairs of sandals
1 pair of tennis shoes
1 pair of dress shoes

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