Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Love

My husband and his buddies are big fans of paintball.  They meet in camo in the woods and spend a few hours shooting at each other.  I was invited to go and actually went.  This was a great excuse for Chuck to purchase more equipment. 
That morning I was quite nervous.  I kept imaging awful scenarios; what if I have to use the bathroom, I'm going to fall and break an arm, what if I get hit and cry! 
The first game I was suppose to defend my team's "flag".  I thought I picked a good hiding spot but I felt silly sitting there waiting.  After a few minutes I could hear guns going off and decided I should move around a bit.  I never saw anyone to shoot at and no one saw me either.  That was a bit of a let down. 
The next few rounds got much better.  I must say I enjoyed shooting that gun at someone immensely.  I did get shot twice, once in the shoulder and another on the top of my head.  It did sting.  But I got two people too!  One was on the other team but sadly and most embarrassingly the other was one of my own team members.  I understand the term "friendly fire" now.
I can also understand how my husband can talk about a morning of paintball for days.  My legs are no longer sore and I'm excited to get to go again!  The above suit would really come in handy.

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